Monday, January 07, 2008

529 - Part 6

Is there any way to purchase a 529 plan but avoid some of the extra fees?

Direct-Sold College Savings Plans
States offer college savings plans through which residents and, in many cases, non-residents can invest without paying a "load," or sales fee. This type of plan, which you can buy directly from the plan's sponsor or program manager without the assistance of a broker, is generally less expensive because it waives or does not charge sales fees that may apply to broker-sold plans. You can generally find information on a direct-sold plan by contacting the plan’s sponsor or program manager or visiting the plan’s website. Websites such as the one maintained by the College Savings Plan Network, as well as a number of commercial websites, provide links to most 529 plan websites.

Broker-Sold College Savings Plans
If you prefer to purchase a broker-sold plan, you may be able to reduce the front-end load for purchasing Class A shares if you invest or plan to invest above certain threshold amounts. Ask your broker how to qualify for these breakpoint discounts.