Friday, August 16, 2013

AccessUVa program

For almost a decade, the University of Virginia (UVA) has been a leader in college access for low-income students with its AccessUVa program. This program enabled students who have the brains, but not the bucks, to attend the institution without having to rely on hefty student loans. Just last week, UVA's governing board, the Board of Visitors, voted to overhaul the program and scale back funding. Students who already have trouble paying for college will now have to take out nearly $30,000 in student loans to attend UVA, saddling these students with far too much debt once they graduate. Sign our petition to tell the University of Virginia to restore funding to AccessUVa and ensure students don't graduate with massive debt! The next Board of Visitors meeting is scheduled for September 19th, giving us little over a month to raise our voices and let UVA know that they are making a HUGE mistake by decreasing funding for this groundbreaking program. We can all agree that with an endowment of over $5 billion, UVA should not be deferring thousands of bright, prospective students from attending because of student debt. Tell UVA's Board of Visitors: Don't shut the door on future students! Don't cut the AccessUVa program! A high-quality education does not have to mean high student debt. With our nation facing a cumulative student debt of over one trillion dollars, it's time for colleges to accept responsibility for their role in our college affordability crisis. Stand with me, members of the I AM NOT A LOAN campaign, and fellow students: Tell UVA's Board of Visitors to look out for its students and restore funding to AccessUVa. Forward, Iris Maria I AM NOT A LOAN P.S. To help us get as many signatures on this petition as possible, please forward this email on to at least five people in your network.