Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Student Debt Q&A

How you are assessed as a credit risk will be based on whether you defaulted on your student loan. Government income tax refunds can stop and you may acquire wage attachments if you fail to take your student loan seriously and default on it. If you follow a few simple guidelines you can easily avoid defaulting on your student loan. You can avoid defaulting on your student loan if you just stay in contact with the lender.

If you let your lender know immediately you’re having problems, it’s unlikely you will need to default. I too had financial problems keeping up with the payments on loans I had acquired whilst a student. A few of my friends thought the situation was quite funny because they couldn’t see how the finance company could reclaim an education. Defaulted student loans usually start with this type of glib attitude towards the debt.

To avoid defaulting on your loan, contact your lender before it gets to this stage. After everything, I just felt relief after the lender had agreed to a deferment. The company was very helpful and they assigned an agent to me who assisted me with the deferment process.

It only took a week to have the payments suspended until I could re-commence at a later date. Although defaulting on my student loan wasn’t what I wanted, I knew that other financial institutions would not be quite as accommodating. I was aware that other agencies would not be so accommodating but I had managed to sort out my student loan.
(Source: cardprocredit.com)