Friday, October 05, 2007

College loans are considered good debt ?

The Etownian Online has things that "may" ease your mind as you take the student debt plunge.

Student debt is actually considered good debt if you're faithful in making regular payments on it.

1) Lenders are more likely to grant you mortgage and car loans if you show them you are being responsible with your student debt.

2) Some companies you work for will help pay off your loan as long as you stay with that company for a certain number of years.

3) Other volunteer groups such as The Peace Corps will reimburse you too.

4) If grad school is your next stop, you might be able to get some student loan compensation by becoming a TA for a research fellowship.

There's a common theme in the last three items. If you're willing to donate some time and effort, you might see your loans disappear faster.