Friday, November 30, 2007

Student Loan Tip: Finish school!

It's almost the end of the fall semester. Are you a struggling college student thinking about throwing in the towel and dropping out of school?

If you're living off of student loans, you had better suck it up and keep going. If you think your young life is painful now trying to keep up in class, you ain't seen nothing yet if you decide to enter back into the world with a load of student debt and no college degree.

You're not likely to pull down a good enough job to pay off your loans anytime soon. You could very easily find yourself holding down two jobs just to make ends meet and keep Sallie Mae off your back. You'll find yourself slaving away for long hours while you ponder, "Why in the world did I drop out of college?"

So suck it up. So what if your grades this semester won't be that great. This had better be motivation for you to get serious about your classes next year. Stop the partying and hole yourself up and study hard. You can't afford not to.